IMCI Newsletter

This is a newsletter related to Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses published regularly every 6 months with assistance from UNICEF. The language is English. Many national, regional, district and sub-district level public hospitals in

Year Book

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and its sub-ordinate agencies of Bangladesh implement development program through sector-wide approach (SWAp). The current SWAp is Health, Population & Nutrition Sector Development Program 2011-16 (HPNSDP 2011-16). The earlier SWAp was named as Health, Nutrition & Population Sector Program 2003-11

Local Health Bulletins

All public hospitals and health organizations of Bangladesh publish online Local Health Bulletins (about 550 numbers). These local health bulletins are available here. Comparative reports between organizations can also be created with help of intelligent software.

HIS, eHealth & MBT for English website

MIS,DGHS is working hard to rapidly develop an electronic system of data collection from across health system. The other purpose of electronic system- “eHealth” is to deliver health services through Internet and mobile phones. Another important

Health Bulletin (Centrally published)

Published in English language this annual publication is the mirror of Bangladesh's current health situation enriched with data, statistics and reports.Reading this Health Bulletin is a must if someone wants to know updated information on health