Honorable Health Minister Mr. Mohammed Nasim, MP Inaugurates the Distribution Program of Laptops, Tablet Computers and Internet Modems all over the Country (2nd April, 2014)

On 2nd April, 2014 a nationwide program was held on distributing laptops, tablet computers and internet modems in every community clinic, union health centers and health workers all over the country. Honorable Minister for Health & Family Welfare Mr. Mohammed Nasim, MP centrally inaugurated the distribution program. Prof Dr Deen Md Nurul Huq, Director General of DGHS presided the distribution ceremony. State Minister for Health and Family Welfare Zahid Malik MP and Member of the Parliament Dr Habibe Millat was present as the Special Guest. Honourable Health Secretary MM Neazuddin was present as the Guest of Honour. Dr Makhduma Nargis, Director of Community Clinic Project was present in the ceremony. Professor Dr Abul Kalam Azad, Additional Director General of the DGHS and Director MIS focused on the importance of this program. Health Minister Mohammad Nasim inaugurated the program at the MIS auditorium of Health Department by distributing a laptop, a tablet and a modem to a health care provider, a health fieldworker and a doctor of a union health centre. Following the inaugaration, the disrtibution program was held separately in different sub-districts at a time.