GIS in Health Service



The health system of Bangladesh is seeing increasing level of use of Geographical Information System (GIS). The GIS helps in locating where a kind of health service is available, where not available and where certain kind of service is needed. It helps in

disease surveillance and also in mapping service availability. Therefore, it is good tool for proper planning and evidence based decision making. To create GIS capacity of health system of Bangladesh, Global Positioning System devices have been first provided to each Civil Surgeon’s and Divisional Director’s office. Statistical staffs were trained. They collected geo-location data from respective health facilities down to sub-district levels. They have been put on the Google Map accessible worldwide through Internet. As of August 2012, the goe-location data for the union health facilities and community clinics are being collected to add to the Google Maps. The MIS is now giving emphasis on improving GIS based reporting system and the future will see the development.