Office Attendance Monitoring System

All sub-district and district level government hospitals of Bangladesh are introducing office attendance monitoring system using biometric finger print detection. The machines are being installed and expected to be completed by September 2012.

The date and time of arrival to and leaving from office of the officers and staffs will be recorded in the system and will allow reading from the head quarter. As a result the policy makers will find an objective way to assess works done by them.


This new system will replace the current system of office attendance monitoring which has shown success to improvement in the office attendance in remote health facilities. Currently, a monitoring cell established in MIS uses another ICT based mechanism to conduct the monitoring. The process uses land phone, mobile phone and web-camera. Hospitals are chosen randomly and called by land or mobile phone. The respondents are asked how many staffs are actually present in the office. To confirm presence, selected staffs are asked to proof presence by standing in front of web camera. The names of unauthorized absentees are informed to ministry for administrative actions. This simple mechanism has improved office attendance by a remarkable percentage.